What to expect at Christmas Mass....

Christmas is an exciting time of the year. This year our celebrations will look a little different. In order to provide the safest possible experience, we are offering additional Mass times to allow everyone an opportunity to worship in our beautiful churches. 


The most crowded Masses have traditionally been at 4pm. If you are interested in attending a well socially-distanced celebration, the early afternoon liturgies (1:00pm and 3:00pm) on Christmas Eve as well as the late Mass (9:00pm) are very good options. The 7:30am Mass on Christmas Day would also be an excellent option. We will be monitoring crowd size to insure we are within current guidelines. It is possible if arriving late you will not be able to enter the church due to maximum capacity having been reached. We may direct you to a later Mass, or suggest a Mass at a neighboring church.

People come to Christmas Mass dressed in their finery and some come dressed for comfort. You are welcome to wear whatever clothes make you comfortable. 


Parking on Christmas can be tight so please be patient.  Street parking is available on the roads surrounding our churches and there is an overflow parking lot on Cooks Lane for St. William of York.  

The best plan of action is to arrive early with an open heart to hear the message of Christmas anew this year!  

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