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We're so happy you've decided to check out the virtual home of St. Agnes and St. William of York. We hope you will come to visit our parish family in person!

Sometimes people are nervous about visiting a church for the first time. We understand that feeling. At St. Agnes and St. William of York some people come to church dressed in their "Sunday best," others come casually dressed. Some people have been here their entire lives; others are new arrivals. We welcome children to Mass and understand that they sometimes make noise - the joyful noise of youth in our family. We invite you to make this your church home - a place where you and your children feel like you belong. Feel like members of our family!

The musical styles vary at our Masses.

  • The Saturday vigil Mass is accompanied by an organ and cantor.

  • The 9:00am Mass has a contemporary group that sings a mix of praise and worship music and familiar hymns.

  • Both the 10:15am and 11:30am Masses are accompanied by a Traditional Adult Choir.

  • Once a month the Magnify Music Ensemble plays contemporary praise and worship music at the St. William of York Church 10:15am Sunday Mass.

  • ​On the second Saturday of the month, we have a Latin schola. The 7:30am Sunday Mass is a spoken liturgy without music.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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