LivingFaith is a parish small group ministry that recognizes that faith grows in the context of relationships with others. It is a place to go to grow, to be known, and to journey together as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Who is this for?

Any adult over 18 years of age is welcome. LivingFaith is for anyone in our parishes, school, or neighborhood interested in growing in the spiritual life in the context of a small community.


What happens in a small group?

We gather together in a home or at the parish on a weekly basis. LivingFaith members begin with casual conversation and prayer. The parish provides video or written materials that invite us to embrace the call of discipleship. Group members discuss and apply the presentation to their own lives. Meetings end with group prayer.  Each group has a trained leader who facilitates the conversation.


How can I get involved with LivingFaith?

We offer formal times to join a small group twice a year. Once in the fall and once during Lent. Groups meet once-a-week for 5-8 weeks. In the months in between we encourage parishioners to meet for continued faith formation or for social activities.


What material will be covered in the Lent offering this year?

The fall offering will take a variety of forms from Bible Study to reflection on the weekly Scriptures readings and the like.


When are the groups meeting?

Sunday AM:                Adult Faith Formation Following the 10:15 Mass

Tuesday PM:               Mixed Gender

Wednesday AM:         Walking With Purpose Women's Bible Study

Wednesday PM:          Mixed Gender Bible Study                       

Wednesday PM:          Woman's Group

Thursday PM:            Mixed Gender

What if I can’t meet during the listed times?

Tell us what days work for you and we will try our best to accommodate everyone who wants to join a LivingFaith group.


How do I sign-up?

Sign-ups will be held at The Kickoff and in church on September 23/24 and September 30/October 1


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You can contact Michelle Burke (410-788-0171) or Len Ascosi (410-747-3361).