Visiting Clergy at Weddings

Dear Father/Deacon:

In order to witness a wedding at St. Agnes or St. William of York Churches, or the St. Francis De Sales Chapel at Mount De Sales Academy, please observe the following:

  1. The Wedding Registration Form must be filled out by the Bride and Groom and signed by you as the intended witness to their marriage.

  2. A pre-nuptial investigation must be completed.

  3. Baptismal certificates obtained for Catholic parties to the marriage.

  4. Any dispensations or permissions requested by you from your chancery office and then forwarded to the Archdiocese of Baltimore (if the preparation takes place outside the Archdiocese of Baltimore).

  5. The couple is expected to attend an approved marriage preparation course.  Information on courses offered through the Archdiocese of Baltimore can be found here:

  6. The couple must also participate in a Natural Family Planning Course.  Information on NFP courses can be found here:

  7. If you are incardinated outside the Archdiocese of Baltimore, a request for guest faculties must be filed with the Archdiocese.  The form may be found here:  If this request is not received by the Archdiocese, the wedding cannot take place.

  8. A written letter requesting delegation should be sent to me no less than one month before the wedding date. 

  9. You do not need to register with the State of Maryland.

  10. The couple must obtain a civil marriage license to be filled out by you after the ceremony.  For St. Agnes Church and Mount De Sales Academy, the license is issued by Baltimore County.  For St. William of York Church it is issued by Baltimore City. 

  11. Please be aware that parish clergy will not be available to fill-in for you should you become unavailable for this wedding.   

  12. Please familiarize yourself with the wedding guidelines for St. Agnes or St. William of York which can be found on our website,

  13. If you need assistance, please contact Leslie Mohler at the Parish Office:

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Michael J. Foppiano


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