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Pastorate Planning - Core Mission Priorities

Core Mission Priorities are the foundational areas of focus toward which evangelizing parishes and pastorates direct the majority of their efforts. They emphasize the formation of disciples who are mission ready and actively engaged in personal and pastoral missionary conversion. The core mission priorities are: Liturgy, Welcome, Accompaniment, Encounter, Sending and Mission Support.

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Vibrant Liturgy

• The Good News is proclaimed and understood

• Music is inspiring and participatory

• Homilies are a source of conversion, renewal and growth

• Parishioners are more fully engaged disciples

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Welcome - Belonging

• Outsiders are prioritized

• Disenfranchised and strangers are sought out and welcomed

• All feel they belong and value community life through groups, activities and events

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Accompaniment - Spiritual Growth

• Growing number of adults active in faith formation, engaged in service

• Ongoing conversion is experienced

• The domestic church is sustained and enriched

• Young people remain engaged in the parish

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Encounter - Conversion

• New people are visible in community

• Sharing of faith is common and encouraged

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Sending - Disciple Making

• Spiritual friendships are formed

• Priestly vocations are promoted

• Families are equipped and empowered as missionary disciples

• The vulnerable, grieving and neglected receive care

• The poor are prioritized and served

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Mission Support

• Financial support for the mission is predictable and stable

• Support for the mission occurs at many levels

• Priests and their staff are healthy, happy and holy

• Mission-ready facilities are safe, welcoming, attractive, accessible and right-sized