Pastoral Council of St. Agnes and St. William of York

What is the Pastoral Council?
The Pastoral Council is comprised of parishioners of St. Agnes and St. William of York Parishes. The Council serves as a body of advisors to the Pastor with the primary focus of crafting a vision for the future of our parish family of St. Agnes and St. William of York. Terms are for three years. The Pastoral Council meets four times a year on Saturday mornings - January, April, July and November. Members of the parish Senior Leadership Team (SLT) serve as ex-officio members.
Read the Constitution of the Council
Read the By-laws of the Council

Read the Archdiocese of Baltimore Pastoral Plan "Be Missionary Disciples"


Council Nominations
We are now accepting nominations for new members. To serve on the Council, you must be a parishioner in good standing of either St. Agnes or St. William of York, at least 16 years of age, and a practicing Catholic who lives according to the teachings of the Church.
Qualities desired in members include a willingness to represent all parishioners, someone who is pastorally sensitive to the needs of the community, and someone who is willing to "think outside the box" to creatively address the needs of evangelization in the 21st century.
You can nominate yourself or another parishioner using the form available here.